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Structure of Fire Door
Fire Door

The fire door adpote the Filling Material which is Rock Wool or Silic Aluminium.

The harware is Fireproofing lock, door closer, Push Bar Lock

Honeycomb core with galvanized steel sheets jointed and inter-locked together to enhance the strength and form a stable system against fire and smoke.

Senda Door Fire-rated doors could be installed with comprehensive range of glazed panel, louver or damper for various application needs.

Material Specification about Steel Fire Door

High quality cold rolled steel,zinc steel or stainless steel,anti-fire cotton can afford 1200 at least.

1.Fireproof level:The first class is 1.2H

2.Sound Insulation:The third class products

sound Insulation Rw>23DB

3.Good Decoration Appearance

Door Opening Instruction:

Generally, fireproof door is closed in ordinary situation and can be opened towards the outside in emergency. Our SENDA fireproof door is produced according to Chinese standard for fireproof doors: GB12955-1991

The durable and strong doors are supplied with various color facings in powder coating or PVF coating, giving extra aesthetic appearances on the design of nowadays building premises.

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