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Structure of Steel-Wood Armored Door
Steel Wood Armored Door
A. High strength mild steel structure
B. U shape reinforcement
C. Structure of door leaf
D. Reinforced door frame.
E. Reinforced bolt bracket
F. Wood decoration of door frame
G. Additional reinforced side bolt.
H. Medium density fabric door panel with natural wood skin.
I. High definition eye-viewer
J. Fixing
K. Premium security lockset
L. Reinforced Hinges
M. Internal honey comb structure
N. Reinforced anti-theft structure
O. Acoustic Seal
L: Newly designed reinforced & adjustable hinges can provide function of a little of adjustment of door leaf position and are of superior strength to increase the security of the door system.
G: Additional reinforced side bolt-mechanism functions together with the lockset, which can further prevent any forced entry attempt into your home.
H: The 6-8mm thickness medium density fabric door panel with natural wood skin is featured with different embossed design and superior appearance with all kinds of environmental friendly material.
F: Wood decoration of door frame further reveal the luxury and elegance the whole door product.
K: Premium security lockset is provided for customer to match with the high security features of the door. And in addition, we could also provide locksets with quick- lock function.
I: High definition eye-viewer can provide a clear look of the visitors outside for the end users.
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