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Structure of Standard Steel Security Door
Steel Door
1 Unique doorframe
The doorframe can be reinforced and its beauty is inspired from the embossed chime design. Its characters are of luxury and elegance.
2 Thick door leaf, unique structure with rebated sides
The unique door leaf structure with its reinforced triple rebated sides is max. 90mm thick. Thus it has stronger resistance to impact, and can provide better sound insulation performance & better sealing with fourfold seals.
3 Decoration
The door leaf has a special attractive appearance and a lot of options are available for customer's preference. And our designs can ensure an elegant entrance to your home.
4 Eye Viewer
Made of stainless steel or high strength plastic material with broad high definition visual angle. There're several different options for end user's choice.
5 Lockset
Contains 2-4 bolts and a spring-loaded latch, operates as a 4-way mechanism for extra bolt locking. The special designed hardware offers additional security using a cylinder-protector and a built-in safety bolt.
We also can provide our customers with an A/B lockset.
6 Reinforced Hinges
The thickened hinge joint with built-in 3 static spike bolts offers a higher security level for the door's hinge-side.
7 Additional side bolt-mechanism.
Additional side bolt-mechanism functions together with the lockset, which can further prevent any forced entry attempt into your home.


8 Double joint seal
Specially designed double joint seal holds the door leaf and frame together when the door is closed, offering additional safety and security to your entrance door.