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Garage Doors

China SENDA Standard Section Garage Door
The beauty of the SENDA Standard Section Garage door is definitely more than skin deep. Sandwich between the interior and exterior steel skins is 38.5mm thickness of expanded polystyrene insulation, thermally bonded to the skins for maximum thermal efficiency. With a deeply embossed texture, the SENDA Garage door is a sturdy two-sided steel door built for years of worry-free performance.

Style of The Panel:    Click photo for more information
Ladder style panel Finger Protection door panel
Closed Situation
Opened Situation
Closed Situation
      Opened Situation

Garage door Hardware:    Click photo for more information

Handle with
emergency Lock

Texture Finish

Torsion Spring
Balance System

Torison Spring



Door Hardware

Remote Control RC01

Door opener (Motor) :   Click photo for more information

Measuring for Garage Doors:
This is a very important step for ordering garage doors, because it can ensure Sanda garage door will properly match your needs.
Please click here to get more information about measuring of garage door you want before you order SENDA Garage door.

Download the drawing of installation space form
After measuring for your garage door, please download & fill the following drawing of installation space form while ordering, and send it to us by email. Then we could offer our price to you according to your correct information. Thank you for your cooperation.
The drawing of installation space form: Download

Technical Support: How to Install a Garage Door
General safety information for Section Garage Door