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Installation Procedures of Steel Door

The structure Sketch of Steel Door:

More information about the strucutre of steel door, please click here.

Step 1 Prepare and check
1 Is there any damage occurred in the packing,
2 Measure door opening, and confirm it conforms to the product,
3 Check whether the door opening is regular, the wall is firm,
4 Check door hardware, and make sure if the key and lock-set is matched

Step 2 Installation of Lock
1 Install the lock accessories as per the customer's requirements,
2 Install the handle in right place,
3 Testing the lock if it is flexible


Step3 Installation of Door leaf
Fix the frame with plumb and block,
Drill a hole up the hinge, and insert the plug bolt,
Check the frame with plumb, check the lock flexibility
Drill a hole at the bottom corner of the lock, and insert a plug bolt, check it again
Insert expansion bolt in turn, check the door leaf and lock preparation,
After all items are satisfactory, tighten all expansion bolts
Cover the holes with the plastics lid,
Check the door bell.