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Installation Procedures of Interior Door

The structure Sketch of Interior Door:

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Step 1 Prepare and check
1 Inspect outer package
2 remove the package, and check whether all parts are provided
3 Measure the door opning, and confirm it conforms to the product
4 Inspect accessory box and count

Step 2 Installation of Door Frame
1 Cut the two borders into L +40mm
2 Install the border and upper door holder
3 Measure the filed angle with an angle square and ensure the precision
4 Wehn the steps above are completed maximum cutting of single-surface battens should be 0-16mm
5 Cut the filler wedge in the length as required
6 When the glue dries to a certain extent, adherer the wedge to the slot

Step 3 Installation of Door leaf
1 Fix one side of the hing onto the door leaf with screws
2 Place the door leaf into the door pocket and mark the place for the hinge slot
3 Fix the door leaf with a wood screw onto the corresponding hinge slot
4 In case of any doubt, adjust appropriately and complete the rest screws

Step 4 Installation of Lock
1 Install lock fitting where appropriate of door leaves and fix it reliably with wood screws
Pick the lock hole where confirmed
Install lock box
Confirm that the lock fittings be opened the closed freely