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Safety Information for Section Garage Door

How to Install a Section Garage Door

1. Required tool list
No. Name Specification Quantity Remark
1 Manual electric drill 1
2 Electric hammer 1
3 Angle grinder 1
4 Mobile wrench or socket wrench 1 set
5 Band tape 5m 1
6 Screw driver 2
7 Cross-head screw driver 2
8 Steel bar 2
9 "Personal "shape ladder 1
10 Hammer 1
11 Pliers 1
12 specialized hole -maker Hole-maker diameter: 25mm 1
13 Aiguilles ?10, ?4.2, ?12,?6 One for each
14 Ruler 1
15 Power strip 1
16 Lubricating oil 1bag 500gram
17 Wired weight 5m 1
18 Pencil 1

2. Safety notices
To ensure your safety and reduce unnecessary damage, read the following specification
carefully before installation attempting, be strictly in accordance with the instruction manual.
If in question about any of the procedures, please refer to qualified installing engineer or local
door dealer.
1) For non-standard garage door, ask for the manufacture advice.
2) Please ask the qualified person to install the balance system.
3) Paste all supplied labels in obvious sight.
4) As amounting, don't wear any kind of diamond, watch or loose clothes. The ladder should
be solid.
5) Please keep this manual after your installation in order to make safety check and
maintenance for the certain period of time required by instruction.

If your garage has no side door, please mount a set of emergency entry equipment in
order that you can open the door manually from outside in case of power off.

3. Track installation
3.1 Check vertical track and horizontal track
3.1.1 Open the attachment package, check the length of the horizontal track, its length is of the door height pulsing 300mm or so.
3.1.2 Check the length of vertical track length of standard (single-track) vertical track is the height of the door minus 220mm. Vertical track of low headroom (double tracks) has a smaller arc
of the upper track (as illustrated in figure 1), the length of the vertical track is the door height
minus 330mm
3.2. Locating the door track and perforated bracket
First, locate a horizontal datum line (as illustrated in figure 2) by using a plastic soft tube,
which is full of water and put it on each side of the door opening about 600mm above floor.
The datum line shall be used as reference line for installing vertical track and door body.

Unwrap the packing case of door section, measure its height and its width of the door opening
at the horizontal reference line. B = ( door section width - door opening width )¡Â2+40mm, B is illustrated in fig 2. Using pencil, draw spot 1 and spot 2 on the horizontal line of each door
opening side according to the size of B. Then using wired weight and pencil, draw outside
reference line of the vertical track through spot 1 and spot 2. These two vertical lines stretch
from floor to ceiling.

3.2.1 Assembling vertical track
Find the following symmetrical components and parts first: vertical flag angles, vertical tracks
and jamb brackets, then locate the basic mounting position. As illustrated in figure 2,
assemble the above three components on floor in advance. When you assemble the vertical
flag angles and vertical track, please notice that face the angle bar inside of the flag angles
outside, normally put the bolts in the middle of the rectangle hole of jamb bracket,
symmetrically amount the jamb brackets to keep them at the same height.
Notice: Don't fully fasten the bolts just as shown in figure 3.


3.3 Setting up the vertical track
Aligning the outside of the assembled vertical track with the track reference line and lay a
2mm steel plate or a wooden plate on the track bottom to adjust the track position. Using band
tape, measure the height (H) between the jamb bracket top and the horizontal reference line, if
the distance does not equal, please add block on the vertical track bottom to keep it the same.
According to holes in flag angles and jamb bracket, locate the position of self-drilling screw
and expand screw. Considering the wall material, wooden structure or concrete structure,
determine which kind of screw should be applied. All the above screws must be fully
tightened as illustrated in figure 4.
3.4. Assembling horizontal track
There are two kinds of horizontal tracks: one is standard horizontal track, the other is small
headroom horizontal track.
3.4.1.Assembling the standard horizontal track (as illustrated in figure 5)
Locate the horizontal tracks (left and right) over the lower holes in the correspondent vertical
flag angles with bolts. Fasten the horizontal flag angles to the upper holes of vertical flag angle with M8*25 bolts, do not fully tighten. Lift the horizontal track to keep it level and measure the two lengths: length between horizontal track and ceiling, length between the track and the sidewall. If the first length is greater than the second one, apply horizontal bracket, or apply vertical perforated bracket method. If construction material is not satisfied, advise you to reinforce it. Then, use two angle irons to make two symmetrical triangle brackets. Locate perforated bracket position: only introduce the vertical perforated bracket assembling here.

First, according to the outside edge reference line of the left and right vertical track, use pencil
to draw two parallel lines on ceiling that are perpendicular to the front wall. Locate the
bracket assembling position in accordance with the perforated bracket holes of the horizontal
track. Notice: The two drawing lines must be parallel to each other and be perpendicular to
the front wall. Make sure that the two perforated brackets are symmetrical and parallel, and
the connection bolts are fully tightened. When you using horizontal perforated bracket, you
must adopt horizontal track flag angles.
Notice: Align the nut with the track groove side to keep the rolling drum from going out
of the track. Perforated bracket assembling is illustrated in figure 6.

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