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Section Garage Door-Style of The panel: Ladder style panel
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Features of Door (Ladder Style Panel) :
Standard thickness (40mm) or full thickness (50mm, generally, for the application of door width being more than 3.8m) , it's packed with CFC-free insulation and carries a energy-saving R-Value of 10.25.
The door panel is made of high quality Bao-Steel hot-dipped galvanized steel skin for maximum strength and durability.
Textured white interior sections standard.
Along the entire length of bottom door section is a vinyl thermal barrier that stops the outside temperature from traveling into your garage.
All doors are available in Custom Width (Ordinary between 2.1- 5.5 m) to fit your home.
Remote control operation and emergency manual operation are provided together with the door.
Motor Specification: 0.25KW, 220V, 50HZ

Finger Protection door panel
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Additional features(Finger protection door panel) :
The top and bottom of each section feature a patented design that doesn't allow fingers to get pinched between the sections of a closing door.
All hardware is warranted for 3 years, for unequaled peace of mind.
For a finished interior appearance, all end stiles and center supports are pre-painted white. All edge and center hinges, corner brackets, and top fixtures are a smooth white.

Color Options:
Silver Gray
Wood grainy
Olive Green
Stainless Steel
Gray Coffee