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Features of SENDA Clever II Door Opener :
SENDA Clever II belt drive system is quite as a whisper and tough as a steel-belted tire. Count on smooth-running power and reliability year after year, as our high-strength polyurethane belt can resist the flexing and tensioning of day-in, day-out opener cycling.
Includes a DC motor (safe24V voltage) for a smooth start and stop operation. No any risk for electric shock.
New designed belt drive system includes a steel reinforced polyurethane drive belt that provides smooth operation and a more secure belt grip; one-piece solid steel T-rail with automatic belt tension on trolley.
With features of big torque & power-saving, the minimum power consumption on stand by situation is only 4W.
Enclosed gear case for continuous lubrication
With as long operation distance as 30 meter.
1 year warranty on motor and belt.
With advanced Safety Signal rolling code technology which makes it virtually impossible for burglars to capture your transmitter's code.