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Features of SENDA V6 Door Opener :
With smooth, quiet operation provided by a powerful 0.25 KW motor, SENDA V6 door opener provides maximum performance day-in and day-out. V6 full safety features and its warranty offer you peace of mind.
The Security System keeps the door closed if an intruder tries to manually open your door.
New designed belt drive system includes a steel reinforced polyurethane drive belt that provides smooth operation and a more secure belt grip; one-piece solid steel T-rail with automatic belt tension on trolley.
Protector System: photoelectric eyes reverse the door to the 12-16cm when meet with resistance force more than 50N.
Group control function can be reached on this RC for door openers.
With as long operation distance as 50 meter.
With advanced Safety Signal rolling code technology which makes it virtually impossible for burglars to capture your transmitter's code.
1 year warranty on motor and belt.