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China Doors - How to know China Wooden Door

Chinese products are highly gaining popularity and buyers from all over the world are queuing up at the online Chinese stores to buy goods at the most budget-friendly price tag. If you are making your new home now, you may probably know that one area where you tend to lose money is in case of selecting the house accessories, especially the doors and window panels.

Here is an exciting news for you is that the Chinese doors are available now at highly affordable pricing. You may doubt about the quality of the products on seeing a lesser price tag, which was a common concern among many of the buyers at the initial stage, but there is no such doubts left about the quality of the Chinese products now. China achieves this goal by adequately making use of the huge skilled human potential of their country as well as the upper hand in advanced technology usage without compromising on quality compromising on quality.

Specifications of Interior Wooden Door

Interior wooden doors are the most sought after items by the Chinese manufacturers and there are different models available in this category. We will further review some general specifications about the China-made interior wooden doors.

With a solid skeleton inside, the wooden doors are composed of thick infillings, HDF boards on both sides, and carved by machine or manually. The wooden doors are veneered with a skin of natural wood and also got seven layers of finishing painting. The frame is made of HDF or solid wood, which is again veneered with a skin of natural wood.

The outside structure of solid wood doors are with two HDF hard wood boards on each side with a surface of HDF board sculptured by digital computer controlled system or manually. The seven layers of quality painting help protect the doors from fading as well as to resist sunshine or rain.

Dimensions of solid wood doors in general are;

" Height x width - 2030x860 mm (custom size options also available)
" Door frame thickness of - 40mm
" Door leaf thickness - 40 mm
" HDF thickness for door frame - 12mm
" HDF thickness for door leaf - 6 to 8mm
" Adjustable frame with a range of 4 cm