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How to understand China Steel-Wood Armored Exterior Door

China Doors are now admired worldwide as good quality products in order to be utilized in house construction. People who are into building their home should explore the options at China online stores to find doors matching to their requirement at the best prices. You can also find many adorable and affordable models of China doors of steel, wood, and artificial wood at the China stores, which can be bought in retail or wholesale. Further, we will review about the steel-wood armored doors, which are largely sold items in the China stores lately.

The Design

The design of steel-wood armored exterior doors is U-styled with reinforced stainless steel bar and also steel structure inside. It also features MDF wood boards on the outside, veneered with a natural wooden skin and 7 layers of paint coating over it. The inside structure consists of a door leaf and a door frame made in steel, which is again covered with a wooden panel. There is also a U-styled reinforcement bar inside for added strength. The outside structure consists of door leaf in steel, which is coated with MDF wooden board and the MDF wood board has been custom sculptured manually or using machine to beautify it.

The seven layers of external coating protect the steel-wood doors from moisture, sunshine, rain, and fading. The major material used in steel-wood door is cold-rolled steel sheets of stainless steel, MDF wood panels, protective-coat paint, as well as natural wood skin.

Door Dimensions

The standard sizes available are; 2050x960 (height x width / mm), 2050x860 etc., wall to wall sizes. However, you can also custom order the sizes if you are having a specific requirement. For this you can directly contact the manufacturer online and request for a special quote. The thickness of door leaf is usually 70 - 100 mm and the thickness of door frame steel sheet is 1.2 - 2 mm. The door leaf edges are also laced using stainless steel.

You can find different colors and designs available in steel-wood doors and can custom choose the lock set to be installed based on your preference. Also you can select from models for different opening directions like right inside, left inside, left outside, and right outside etc.