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How to Choose Steel Doors

To view the following article, you will know more about our steel door and get a idea which how to choose steel door from us. It's including Advantages of steel doors,Types of finishing doors, Price of Steel Door, MDF and laminate(transfer printing), Powder painting, How to make steel doors? and Install steel doors.

China professional Steel Doors factory-SENDA DOORS produces steel entrance doors with several types, each of steel doors focuses on a specific audience of consumers. This elite steel door trim with the road, construction of medium-price category- the product of economy class. For material, we use the metal profile and high quality sheet steel. In most cases, the steel doors of our products are constructed which include boxes, paintings, porch, hinges and locks. The products can be equipped with additional elements which provide with heat-insulating filling materials. Additional options are locks for increased reliability, sealants and other accessories.

Advantages of steel doors

Steel doors have a number of significant advantages. First of all, the installation of steel door is a reliable protection against burglary. Contemporary door designs are created in the light of possible threats and include special items, which can significantly increase the time for dismantling unauthorized boxes, as well as penetration through otmychek and other tools.

Secondly, the steel entrance door - this durable design. The service life of metal doors shall be calculated for decades, while the doors from chipboard or wood have very limited resources. Also the inadvantages is that the steel doors are not exposed to combustion on sun or , thus they can be installed in the premises, where there is a risk of ignition.

And third, metal doors on the quality of performance and aesthetic appeal are as structures of other materials. Mass finishing options, combined with a variety of style decisions - those factors that allow the steel to take a premium-class niche products.

Types of finishing doors

Offering a steel door in the order, we are constantly expanding range of materials in order to meet customer needs for high quality, aesthetic and practical products. At the moment, we can offer steel entry doors with laminate(transfer printing) or power coating, or MDF board(steel-wood armored door). Also, we have practiced the installation of steel doors, painted by powder method. Each type of finish has its advantages which is to talk separately.

Price of Steel Door

Democratic prices - the main advantage of the finishing material. Therefore, the price advantage of steel doors which is different from other types of constructions. Sale of steel doors with a finishing is a wide range of shades that allows you to choose the material for any interior design and facilities. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the replacement of skin does not require frequent cleaning and are not prone to burning.

MDF and laminate(transfer printing)

Many steel doors in China, finished with just those materials. MDF and laminate(transfer printing paper), its characteristics and similar. They are easy to work, practical, and provide maximum opportunities for the realization of design ideas through an extensive color range, texture and richness combinatorial. This MDF more resistant to the effects of moisture and mechanical damage. In general, laminates and MDF - this is the golden mean between the high, natural wood and budget viniliskozhey.

Powder painting

Doors painted by powder method is cheap, convenient and practical. This is a steel door which can buy alomost for everyone. They practically do not scrape and rust, and have a good qualities. But the appearance of the door leaves much to be desired. Because of these reasons, the doors painted by powder method often used to be installation of entrances, basement, industrial and business premises.

How to make steel doors?

All steel doors which you buy from us are made of metal profiles and steel sheets. The design includes a box, canvas, and fasteners for fixation of the product in the opening. Steel doors we make is on your own equipment on quality and cost, because we very care for their quality. Offering steel door to our customer in the order, our company has the Powerful technological capacity to implement any project and the production of structures in any type.
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Install steel doors

To install steel doors is took in a short time and it will make you convenience. For more informaiton, please check installation of steel doors. If you have any questions, please contact us any time, we will give you a quick response.