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China Doors - PVC Doors for Interiors

PVC doors are found to be a very handy option for the homeowners to choose in order to meet the requirement of installing doors inside their house. Even though the lightweight PVC material is not considered to be good for the exterior or entry doors, these are found to be very comfortable and stylish for the interior doors, specifically bathroom doors. The advantages of PVC over wood or metal is that these are high resistant to water or moisture and are high endurable in this manner. Especially, when used as the bathroom doors, the water-resisting capacity can add more life to such doors with very less need for maintenance. The China made PVC doors are highly in demand and are available at very cheap pricing.

There are many models of PVC doors available in the China stores. These are of wooden finish or with metallic designs to give the same look and feel of the conventional wood or metal doors. The major materials used in these types of doors are MDF wood panel, china fir, as well as high-quality PVC film. Standard height of the door which is usually demanded is 2030 mm and width 860 mm. However, this is an average product size and you can get customized option while ordering doors for any specific sizes matching to your needs.

The common colors available in PVC doors are pure white, red cherry, maple wood, bubinga, black walnut, sapele, and iron peach wood etc. Here also, you can have the option to custom order your color if you are fond of any particular shade or design. In general, the thickness of the door leaf is around 40 mm and the thickness of door frame is about 2.6 cm. The infilling material is honeycomb paper or solid China fir. There are also accessories like interior locks, reinforced hinges, alloy handles, rubber casket etc.

The major advantages of PVC doors

" Firstly economically priced.
" Free from painting.
" Integrated door frame and door leaf.
" Ease of installation and maintenance.
" Sound proof.
" Warmth preservation and moisture proof.
" Suitable for houses, apartments, schools, office, and hotels etc.